Friday, October 5, 2012

  First, I apologize for not keeping the blog up to date.  It sort of got away from me and then the last few days has been an emotional roller coaster.  My two week wait wasn't as bad as the last time.  I was less anxious this time and it helped that we had an extra six days to relax after the transfer.  
   My first Beta HcG was Monday September 24 and it was a BFP at 267.  The second test was that Wednesday and was 585The whole thing was surreal and very exciting but we were still cautiously optimistic.  At that point no more blood work was ordered but my OB scheduled an ultrasound for today.  (Friday Oct 5th)
  All was going well until this Tuesday when I started to spot and and was getting these slight twinges very low in my abdomen.  By Wednesday I was bleeding very heavily and went to see my OB.   On the way to the office I start to have menstrual type cramps.  Miraculously he still saw a gestational sac on the ultrasound.  The thought was that I was miscarrying a twin and that the other one might be OK.  My doctor wasn't for sure since it was hard to see what was going on because of the blood in the uterus  I did another Beta HcG and it was almost 3000 which he said was good.  He put me on bed rest at this point and the plan was to still have an ultrasound today(Friday) and have another Beta HcG this morning.  I did have to go in for an extra shot of progesterone yesterday, just in case. 
  Unfortunately this morning the ultrasound showed that the sac had shifted and was misshapen.  My Beta had dropped to 517 which also wasn't a good sign.  He did say that sometimes when you lose a twin the numbers can drop and then go back up if the other twin is fine.  Unfortunately he thinks that most likely I will miscarry the other twin in the next few days.  He put me on bed rest just in case, gave me another shot of progesterone in oil, his cell phone number, and a script to have another blood test tomorrow.  
  So I sit here writing this blog today with a fading glimmer of hope, praying for a miracle...


  1. I'm rooting for a comeback and sending lots of positive energy your way!

  2. Kelly & John...Brad and I are praying for that miracle also. We've been keeping up to date on your blog. Good luck. Everything is in God's hands! Love you all, Mom & Brad

  3. I'm praying for you!!!

  4. I pray you have your miracle!


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