Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Trip # 3 to Istanbul

  Well here we go again...

I realized that I never fully updated after my last trip so before I begin with my current trip I will explain.  I unfortunately miscarried twins last October.  It is believed that it could possibly be due to switching the type of progesterone and my levels being too low to support the pregnancy. I ran out of Crinone which is a vaginal cream suppository that is extremely expensive in the US.  I believe it was going to cost approximately $1200 for a one month supply, so my OBGYN suggested we have glycerin suppositories compounded at a local pharmacy.  The problem with those according to Dr. Arici is that the glycerin melts and once it melts the progesterone is gone.  The Crinone on the other hand slowly releases for hours giving you a constant supply right where it is needed and most important.    The Crinone is very affordable here in Turkey and stupid me I didn't want to jinx it so I didn't bring home any extra like I did the first trip.  I believe I bought four boxes for a couple hundred bucks or less.  My advice is to definitely get extra Crinone in Turkey unless you insurance will cover this specific drug.  

  I also had a polyp removed from my uterus in December.  Both doctors suggested I have it removed to increase the chances of pregnancy. The procedure was done under general anesthesia and was a very quick recovery.  My OB didn't want to mess with my cycle since I was leaving in two months so he just did a hysteroscopy and removed the polyp without messing with the lining.  Normally he might have done a D and C since I had a miscarriage.  

 So now to the current trip....
  My mom and I have been here since Sunday February 16th.  I have three frozen embryos left and saw Dr. Arici on Monday for an ultrasound.  My endometrium was 9mm, which he said was good, so my transfer is scheduled for Saturday.   In the meantime I have to not only take Crinone twice a day, but my nurse mother has to inject PIO ( progesterone in oil) into my hip once a day.  Both of my physicians said you can't really have too much progesterone so because of the low levels and miscarriage both said I need to do both types.  Dr. Arici also said that Crinone won't increase blood levels much so testing doesn't necessarily show a true level.  I don't know how the PIO affects the level of progesterone in the blood, but my OB wants to start blood work as soon as I get back.  
    We went to Istanbul (Euro side) yesterday to visit the spice market again.  It wasn't as crowded like last September, but there were still plenty of locals and a few tourists.  My mom bought some 100% cashmere scarves at Bereket #56 for less than $12!!!!  All the stores are clearly numbered, but sorry I can't remember all of the names.  Remember to shop where the locals shop.  The good stores will not bother you much and won't say they "want to help you spend your money".   She also bought a really pretty box made of camel bone that was hand painted and was able to wiggle him down, and get a cash discount. That was at #69 butik Necati. I bought some dried fruits at one of the large spice stores at the main entrance.  I love the dried strawberries. They weren't pushy at all, which is nice, and have very high quality spices, teas, dried fruits,  and other foods.  If you like saffron ask for Iranian saffron, which is supposedly the best.  Some even will demonstrate the difference between good and so so quality.  We plan on going over to the Euro side again tomorrow and see the Galata Tower and the Basilica Cistern.  I saw some good prices on pistachios at a vendor outside the spice market, so I might pick some up along with some walnuts for my youngest son before we get back on the ferry.   The locals shop for everything from nuts to fish and cheese and other meats at these vendors which you pass on your way into the spice market.  I will keep you updated.  

More on our journey...




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