Saturday, September 15, 2012

September 10 - 13, 2012
Rest, Relaxation, and a Bed Pan...
  On Monday after we went to the the Sultanahmet area we decided that we needed to rest since my transfer was to be on Tuesday.  We were worn out anyway and needed the time to relax.  We didn't do much at all but hang around the hotel and read. 
  My transfer was Tuesday, that is part of the reason I am behind on blog posts.  Another reason was that we were so busy out and about last week.  The internet is also a problem at times because it can be extremely slow when attempting to load photos in the middle of the day or won't publish my blog for whatever reason, so I often give up after hours of attempt.  Anyway, enough excuses and back to the transfer.  I have been through this part before, but I don't recall without going back in the blog what I said.  I will tell you that the actual transfer of the embryos is the easy part, whether FET or fresh cycle.  However...the full bladder part was excruciating for me this time.  Last time I laid there for an hour after and was only slightly uncomfortable, this time it was awful!
  They want your bladder full so that they can see on the ultrasound.  No problem. nurse came in and pressed and poked around and then another nurse.  This wasn't a big deal, but after waiting in the procedure room for the doctor and then the embryologist your bladder continues to fill up.  Then they do more pressing and poking around and this time I squirmed, a lot!  He has to get the embryos in a good spot for me away from my polyp so maybe that is why it seemed to take longer.  Once he was done they tell you thirty minutes before you can use the bathroom.  THIRTY MINUTES are you kidding me...NO WAY, not this time.  It was so bad that the tears started to fall and the whimpering like a dog at the back door brought in a nurse's aid.  I'm going to be frank here people, the bed pan and I became friends.  Enough said.  

  You are allowed to eat before you come to the transfer but looking back I don't think I recommend it.  Maybe something like a roll but I eat a lot of vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers, and fruit which all have a lot of water.  My mother, who is a nurse, brought that up and it makes sense.  That along with the juice or water really flooded me so I would go light if I were you.  

  I was told to take it easy for the first day and do nothing.  I also did nothing Wednesday and don't plan on much today either.  I was told to not be on my feet for more than an hour at a time without a good rest until I take the pregnancy test.  No heavy exercising or lifting either.  That means my mom is stuck with all my luggage and hers.  Sorry Mom, love you!  On the other hand, that means John has to make dinner and do laundry when I get home, right?? Woo Hoo!  Love you honey!

  Oh, one other thing the nurse mentioned, "Don't get constipated."  As if that is completely under our control.  Regardless, I know this isn't the greatest subject, but the diet here is different that most American diets and many times when you travel your body can be affected.  The Crinone progesterone gel can also cause this if I remember correctly so get your fiber and take advantage of the fresh and dried fruits at breakfast, and pick up things like nuts at the markets and make some legumes for dinner.  It is easy to consume a lot of cheese here at every meal so you may want to cut down on that too.     

  Now is the hard part.  For those that have been through this before you know what I am referring to.  The dreaded two week wait.  This time though I am not on the internet stressing about every symptom trying to figure out what they mean.  Am I pregnant or not?? I am glad that I have time before I go back because I can relax and take it easy before the long trek home.  That is exactly what we did for the next three days too.  I took short walks, went to the store on Thursday, and I returned to normal daily activities like cooking dinner, but I took it easy just the same.   

  More on our journey to come...



  1. my husband and I are in turkey also. We were wondering if it was any trouble to bring the medicine back into the U.S. Also, we hope everything works out for you this time. We are in room 1210 if you'd rather call than respond.

  2. Did you get any results yet? Fingers crossed for BFP! :D

  3. Considering IVF abroad, and was wondering about your most recent results with FET...will you post again soon with an update? Thanks so much for all the great information on your blog!


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