Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Am April 20, 2012

  Our day started out just right...after the shower flooded into the hallway of our room that is.  We have a Roman shower which simply means you walk into and don't have to step up.  Most likely it is for any handicapped or wheelchair bound patients that are staying here getting treatment at the hospital.  It  has a huge rain shower head above and a hand held sprayer.  Well before I knew it water was creeping out the shower and bath into the bedroom and John was yelling at me to shut it off.  Not fun after you just put shampoo in your hair and have to wait til it drains.

  We ate breakfast downstairs and it was wonderful.  There was fresh fruit, yogurt, eggs, cereal, excellent cheeses, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, honey, jams, meats, pastries, and even cream of mushroom soup.  It blows any continental breakfast at the local Days Inn out of the water.  We are partial to Mediterranean  food though so maybe that helps.

Breakfast at Titanic Hotel

  The coolest thing though was the honey comb.  They have it mounted and you just take a knife and cut off a piece for your yogurt or bread. 

Honey Comb with Raw Honey

  After breakfast we went to our first appointment with Dr. Arici.  It is so nice being able to just walk 2 minutes to the appointments.  The hospital is bright and modern and clean.   We met with Burcu who works in International Patient Services.  She is so warm and very helpful.  Everyone makes you feel welcome and we were seen right away.  We had to do a little paperwork and meet with a nurse to get a history first before seeing the doctor.  He came in and introduced himself before we sat down in his office and we were both impressed with his bedside manner. 

   Burcu is there for the times that a translator is needed, which is most of the time, except when he is around because he speaks excellent English..  When we walked into his office it's quite impressive.  I have worked for lots of doctors but I have yet to see any with as many awards, plaques, and diplomas as was on his wall. 

  He went over our records again, we talked and then we were led into an exam room to do an ultrasound.  It was quick and painless.  He explained the plan for medications and we were then led back to Burcu where we then paid.  BTW we recommend calling your credit card company or bank and letting them know you will be out of the country.   If you bank with Chase don't bother because they are a pain in the ass and don't listen anyway.  Then they will tell you they have to get approval for you to get more than an allotted daily amount. Seriously on your own money?  Luckily John is persuasive so it was cleared up quickly.
  After picking up our meds we met with the nurse and she went over the injections and what to do when.  Our next appointment is Monday to see how our follicles are growing and if the meds need adjusted.

More on our Journey later ...



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