Saturday, April 28, 2012

Friday April 27, 2012

  Today we rested, read books, and watched TV.  John was able to download some shows to keep us occupied on days like this.  We got bored after awhile and took a walk around the grounds ending at the hotel restaurant.  We sat outside and John ordered a beer called Efes.  I had a tiny sip and it was quite good.  Very light in color, clean with a crisp taste.  It was however very strong and after a few minutes he said he could feel it.  Beer is a lot stronger in Europe than back home as the alcohol content is much higher.  It was very relaxing to sit on the back deck overlooking the sea.  The weather was beautiful but it was quite windy and the sun umbrellas kept falling over so fearing we might get squashed we went back to the room and ate dinner. 

  On this night I made chicken kebabs with a cucumber yogurt tzatziki sauce for dipping and a marinated cucumber and tomato salad.  I also sauteed onions and mushrooms and added in a can of white beans, spinach and some chicken stock.  They weren't Bush's Great Northern Beans but it was pretty good for a quick healthy dinner. 

  At home I add spinach to everything from pasta to rice to smoothies so I bought a bag at the store.  It was so packed in there we will be eating it until we are gone, which is good because it is high in folic acid,  You need lots of folic acid before and during pregnancy to help with the baby's neural development. I have been taking it for two years but if you aren't on a supplement they will put you on one when you get your medications at your first appointment.  I am not sure of the cost but it might be worth it to ask Burcu that way you can bring it from home if it is cheaper.  

Chicken kebabs with beans and vegetables

Easy tzatziki sauce made from cucumbers, yogurt , lemon juice and olive oil. 

More to come on our journey tomorrow...

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