Monday, February 27, 2012

Why Istanbul?
   We chose Turkey for several reasons.  First, because we had been to Istanbul on our honeymoon, second the hospital is affiliated with Johns Hopkins, and the third and most impressive, was the doctor's resume.  
   Being the skeptic I checked and doubled checked everything that concerned me.  I looked into the Anadolu Medical Center making sure that it was indeed accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), which is the same accreditation used for U.S. hospitals. I also checked to make sure that it was affiliated with Johns Hopkins.  I checked out the doctor, Aydin Arici, who teaches and researches at Yale part of the month.  I made sure that the company that was helping us was a member of the Better Business Bureau and had no strikes against them.  
  My husband went above and beyond, doing everything that I did and then some.  He called the President of IVF Vacation Center and we asked him question after question.  He answered all of them and eased any concerns that I had.
   Our next step was to get in touch with the international liaison for English speaking patients at the Anadolu Hospital that would be our contact throughout the process.  We were soon emailing and talking to a wonderfully helpful woman named Burcu. 
   About two weeks after John started researching, I slowly began to become more comfortable with the idea of going to Turkey for IVF.  At first we were thinking about going in September of this year but pretty soon my head was spinning and we instead decided to go this Spring!  
 Stay tuned for more of our Journey...


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