Sunday, February 26, 2012

Our Story
My husband John and I have been married almost 5 years.  When I met him over 8 years ago he already had two wonderful little boys and had a vasectomy shortly after the youngest was born.  I knew I wanted to add to our family so before we got married we decided that when the time was right John would have a vasectomy reversal.  Our plan was to have the procedure done shortly after we got married but unfortunately John was laid off.  We ended up moving 1250 miles away for a very good job but again he was laid off 1 1/2 years later. We moved again and finally got settled in a great place. John finally had his surgery after we got settled and we have been trying to conceive for two years now.  
   After the surgery we were told it could take a year for John's sperm count to reach a level that would make it easier to conceive naturally.  On the upside the surgery was a success because there was sperm but unfortunately his levels never reached past 14 million.  After a year my OB/GYN decided it was time for us to see a reproductive endocrinologist or fertility specialist. 
We did the all the normal tests, hormone levels, sperm counts etc.  The conclusion was that our difficulty was most likely due to John's sperm count so we decided to try IUI.  
   We did 2 rounds of IUI and another round of just Clomid unsuccessfully.  Our RE decided that the next best step would be to try IVF.  It was a very emotional experience and last fall we decided that we would take a break.  We had spent the last two years tracking my cycle and being disappointed every month.  I decided to quit tracking my cycle and not do any fertility treatments until we had the money for IVF.  I also went back to work to not only help financially but to alleviate the stress of trying to conceive.
  In the US a single round of IVF can cost upwards of $15, 000.  Our plan was to hopefully have the money in the next year.  In January of this year I looked at my husband one night in bed and said we need to come up with a different plan because there is no way we can save the money soon enough.  I had just turned 34 and I had had enough of a break.  I knew I was ready to try again and I didn't want to wait, knowing it could take us 2 years because realistically it will cost us about $20,000 for one round after all is said and done. 
  That night we both sat in bed on our laptops and searched away looking into how we might be able to finance the treatment instead of waiting.  We inquired about refinancing and home equity loans but neither was an option that we wanted to do.  We also looked into medical loans but that wasn't the answer either.  At some point I stumbled upon  I mentioned it to John, jokingly, and that is where it all began. He looked it up and his head started to spin.  You need to understand my husband.  When he starts to research something that interests him he doesn't quit until he has all the information.  Don't tell him I said this, but he is awesome at research! 

Stay tuned for more of our journey...


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