Monday, September 10, 2012

  September 8, 2012

  On Saturday we ventured out and went to Princes' Islands.  You have to get to Pendik train station via taxi and then take the train to Bostanci.  We didn't have a schedule for the ferries so when we got there we had missed the first one by thirty minutes.  The next wasn't for another  two and a half hours so we wandered along the water and people watched. There is a wonderful wide path for walking and running and a bike path that runs along the water.  There are children's parks and even an area with exercise equipment that was really nice.  You can also eat at one of the restaurants or sit on a bench or under a tree and watch the boats go by. 

My beautiful mom, Linda, in Bostanci.  Buykada is on the left and Heybeliada is the island on the right.

The port of Bostanci where you catch the ferry. 

  Heybeliada was very quiet and serene and that is where we had lunchWe really liked this island a  lot.  Compared to Buyukada it is like a ghost town, but it had some nice shops and nice restaurants overlooking the water.  There is a military base there that looks like it may house families.  We followed some people off the ferry and walked up a very steep hill to see what was up at the top.  They had apparently been shopping on the mainland and were taking there purchases home because all that was up there was some beautiful views of the Sea of Marmara.  The phaetons or horse drawn carriages easily glide up and down the hill carrying the weary home.  On our walk down we found some great spots to take pictures along the tree lined streets.  We shopped a little and then ate lunch by the water.  

Heybeliada one of the Princes' Islands
Up the hill on Heybeliada. Buyukada and Anatolia (Asian side of Istanbul) are seen in the distance

Beautiful tree lined streets with quaint wooden houses


At the top of the hill on Heybeliada
At the top of the hill overlooking the water
  After a couple hours we took the ferry over to Buyukada and wandered around the shops.  We stopped for some Lokma and gelato.  Lokma are crispy donut holes dipped in a honey syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon.  When they are hot, they are a deliciously sinful treat.  After our treat we noticed a street fair along the water with different booths selling souvenirs so we strolled up and down searching for treasures.  Overall it was a good day, but very long and tiresome because of walking up and down hills and traveling back and forth.   We did bring home the biggest peaches I have ever seen and some other fruits and veggies from a local market. 

Kelly and the Giant Peach....holy cow it is just a little smaller than a softball!  The apple is regular sized and the tomato is a little bigger than a cherry tomato.

Back on the ferry to Buyukada

The center of town: Buyukada
A beautiful hotel

The phaetons waiting for customers on Buyukada

On the way back to Bostanci from the ferry boat. 

More on our journey to come...


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