Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Wait....

  I must say the whole experience for me In Istanbul was blissfulYes, blissful.  It was so relaxing despite the shots and doctor's visits.  We went sightseeing, took walks, had uninterrupted talks, and just enjoyed each other. We had our five year anniversary while we were there and got to come back to a place we visited on our honeymoon, which we think is pretty cool.  We really connected in a way we hadn't been able to since trying to conceive several years ago.   I loved it, and so did John.  Now that I am home and having to wait until I can take a pregnancy test, it is awful!  This waiting is killing me.  By far it is the worst thing about the whole experience.  I know that it is inevitable, but be prepared for some seriously long days.   You will want to analyze every little thing and it will drive you crazy.  I don't remember it being this bad after my IUIs. 

  I have felt pretty good the whole time since my transfer with the exception of the on and off radiating heat from the inside of my body I also get tired in the afternoon and today I do feel slightly crampy on and off.  After my 7000th Google search I learned all of these symptoms can be from the medications, pregnancy, or unfortunately an impending period.    Just remember you will start IVF and they will load you with drugs, then you will have to be on progesterone as well.  Some of you might even be on Estrogen or other hormones depending on the situation.  All of these can cause pregnancy and menstrual type symptoms.  Some women I understand don't get any symptoms.  Every woman is different and it really comes down to the blood test that seems like it is light years away.  So, don't stress, over analyze or Google too much.  You WILL drive yourself up the wall. 

  I recommend trying to relax, stay occupied, and be positive.  My husband and I have reminded ourselves that it often takes two to three times for a woman to get pregnant from IVF.  No matter what happens we also know we are lucky enough to have six frozen embryos but nevertheless we are still hoping and praying for a BFP (that's Big Fat Positive in the IVF world).

  Good luck to all that are trying to conceive and for those interested in traveling abroad to have IVF, if you have any questions you may contact us at  We also welcome any thoughts and experiences from others as well.  If you would like to comment please click below to share.  



  1. Kelly,

    You are very right about the wait and have hit the nail on the head with your comments. Remember, every symptom you are experiencing can be construed as a good thing or a bad - slight cramping can be construed as embryo implantation or an impending period. Google can drive you crazy in the quest for the answers and I have been down that road several times myself.

    We are all pulling for the BFP!



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