Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sunday April 29 to Tuesday May 1, 2012

  I apologize for not being on in the last few days.  In some ways it was boring and uneventful in others it was exciting.  Sunday was the first day I started to feel the effects of all the injections.  Not really bad at all I just was tired and wanted to hang around the hotel.  John and Jeff decided to venture to the European side on their own so Kim and I hung out all morning and part of the afternoon talking and getting to know one another.   I was a little worried about them going over there because any of you that know John know his sense of direction leaves something to be desired.  Apparently Jeff's isn't stellar either but they made it there and back in one piece even though the train was down at our usual stop and they had to figure out how to get around that.  They did a great job though seeing as this is a really big city and it isn't a straight shot over to the other side

   Monday we had a doctor's appointment in the morning.  We knew that this would be the tell tale appointment that would determine the rest of our treatment.  Dr. Arici told us that I had 15 eggs, 11 of which were mature.  The other four they said could possibly get larger in the next couple days they would just have to wait and see.  Basically what that meant that we were ready for oocyte (egg) retrievalThat would be the exciting part!

   On our first visit we were given am injection called Ovitrelle(Ovidrel in USA) which we had in our fridge and were instructed to take at precisely 10:30pm that night. (Monday)  The medication is what drops the eggs in exactly 36 hours so that they can collect them.  I had to take this same med when I did IUI in the states last summer. I was at that point finished with all other medications and my retrieval was scheduled for Wednesday am.

  If you have read our story you know that part of our issue with conceiving is that John had a vasectomy reversal and for whatever reason his sperm count never reached higher than 13 or 14 million.  Because of that the doctor requested a sample on this day to see what they were dealing with.  He mentioned that John might have to have a procedure where they pull out the sperm with a needle.  That did not sit well with John, although I did have to have two injections per day for 12 days so... 
  The procedure would have been an extra 1000 TL or roughly $600-700 after exchange rates and bank fees.  Be prepared for things such as this, every couple and situation is different so there are things they understandably can't tell you beforehand.  

  So poor John is informed they need the sample on Monday so they can get an idea for Wednesday's retrieval.  OK, no problem right?  Well then he is also told he needs to give two samples, and that he only has ten minutes in between each!  Apparently, sometimes the second sample is better. (No details about that escapade, you will have to pry them from him!)  Well, let me tell you, John's head was pretty swollen after hearing the results of the count.  Opps, no pun intended.  His count was 23 million which was really good news since everything looked good enough to where the extra procedure with the needle will now not be needed.  Manhood restored!   Maybe that Turkish Viagra is working! (See previous post)
  After his reversal we had several counts done because the numbers can get bigger up to a year.  They wanted 20 million at the year mark, but like I said that last count was somewhere at 3-4 million.  We always wondered about his counts done in the states.  First, they have never asked for 2 samples back to back and we always questioned how long it took the lab to get the count done.  It is supposed to be done immediately from what we understand.  Anyway, I guess we will never know if they didn't do a good job or if it has just gotten better.
  I really have been feeling pretty good which I am thankful for.  I really thought that I would be more uncomfortable and moody after 10 days of hormone injections.  I think it has a lot to do with how relaxing of an experience this has been.  After our appointment Monday we went to the grocery store and picked up a few things.  It is an easy trip and the hotel shuttle takes you their and picks you back up for free.  

  We said goodbye to our new friends Monday evening as they had to leave in the early am for their flight home.  We hope that they arrived home safely.  We also wish them the best of luck and are praying for them.   

  Tuesday was pretty uneventful as we just went to the mall and grocery store again.  John has tried Efes beer which is Turkish and wanted to get some to bring home.  I had a tiny sip and even though I am not a beer lover it was pretty good.  I  also found some eye glasses while I was here and was able to pick them up.  Sounds strange but they were a good price and the first I have tried on that I liked.  I must have tried on 100 pairs in the last couple months at home and lo and behold I walk into a Turkish optical and the first pair I pick I end up loving.  Luckily I had my prescription with me and since I work in Ophthalmology I knew enough to get what I wanted and needed. 

More on out Journey and tomorrow's procedure next...

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  1. We arrived home safely after a long, exhausting day. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Jeff says he misses playing Hearts!


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