Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What we know about the accommodations...
  OK, so what do we know??  Well probably not as much as we would like.  We are going to be there for 3 weeks which is a long time.  Anadolu Hospital is not in Istanbul but on the outskirts in Gezbe.  It is purposely isolated because it is a private hospital.  There are often cancer and other longer term patients staying there so we were told they wanted it quiet and out of the way.  The Titanic hotel (if you search for it make sure it is the one attached to the hospital there is a luxury hotel with the same name in Istanbul- don't confuse the two) which is attached to the hospital has different kinds of rooms.  There are regular staterooms and larger ones with kitchenettes.  If you book plenty in advance you can request a room with a kitchenette if one is available.  
  You can also stay at a hotel in the city, but a nice hotel will cost considerably more and you will have to pay for transportation back and forth. If you stay at the hospital hotel there is transportation into the city.  At this point we have no idea how that works so more on that when we get there!
  There is a view from the hotel that is attached to the hospital of the water on one side and the forest on the other.  We were told that there are queen beds, TVs and DVD players, and breakfast is provided daily.  There are no restaurants near the hospital so our plan is to go to local markets and get a few staples for the times we can't get to the city.  I guess we will see how that plan goes as well!! Most of this we either learned from the Anadolu website or from Burcu and Mark.  If you have questions about the hospital or hotel check out their website.  They have virtual tours and pictures of the accommodations.  There is also information of the doctor and hospital facilities.    http://www.anadolumedicalcenter.com/en/Default.aspx

More to come...


Please comment if you have any questions...we will get back to you.

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